Private Tours

DOCK:  From the dock you choose

ROUTE:  Bosphorus, Golden Horn

DAYS:  Every day 10:00 – 20:00

CAPACITY:  30 pax

Go where your imagination takes you on Istanbul.You select the boarding time, route and location and we do the rest.Live music: 2 to 4 person group which includes instrument called kanun, an Ud and/or a violin

Cold drinks, snacks and fruits.
- Cold cherry sherbet served with traditional equipment.
- Confettie and torch

Palace Excursions

DOCK: Dolmabahce

ROUTE:  Dolmabahce Palace, Beylerbeyi Palace,  Kucuksu Palace

DAYS:  Everyday except Monday and Thursday

CAPACITY:  30 pax

Dolmabahce Palace is located on the European shore of the Bosphorus; Beylerbeyi Palace and Kücüksu Summer Palace are across on the Aisan shore. The Sultan’s Boat have an exclusive arrangement with the National Palace Board to provide a shuttle service between the three palaces. Now you can visit the Dolmabahçe, Beylerbeyi palacesand Kücüksu Summer Palace, take a nostalgic boat transfer between Europe and Asia and see all the sights and natural beauty of both shores.


Golden Horn Tours


DOCK: Halic Kultur Merkezi

ROUTE:  Sutluce, Eminonu

DAYS:  Every day 10:00 – 20:00

CAPACITY:  30 pax

Travel the ancient waters of Istanbul… THE Golden Horn;

A display of cultural wealth: You will see sites such as the famous Pierre otti cafe, Greek Patriarch, the Bulgarian Church, the Eyüp Mosque, the Greek high school called “Red School,” the Feshane – the factory Ottomans used to make “fez” hats, the town of Fener, the Galata Tower, the Topkapı Palace, the St. Sophia and many more treasures spread out over the hills all around you.

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